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TaiFa vision
Evergreen Thai: Thai Industries, based in the area, the pursuit of sound and sustainable development, full of vigor and vitality achievements of the century foundation.
The expectations of Thailand: Thailand based on the socio-economic studies and social welfare activities, has become a social influence of the industrial enterprises.
TaiFa Mission
Choi-chi Huicun social intermediation: Thailand remain the social, recruited all kinds, both talents to enlist Germany, concentration of financial resources, investment industry, the creation of wealth to the benefit of society.
TaiFa Spirit
Lofty: to determine the direction of a global vision to guide future development vision.
Sound: the pursuit of an appropriate rate of development to ensure sustained long-term development. Perseverance: Strengthening the established strategy, with perseverance beyond all obstacles. Bearing: mind the responsibility of national prosperity, and promote international exchange and development.

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